QP’s Job Role Overview Occupation Map Placement Opportunities Equipment List
Assembly Operator - UPS (ELEQ7301)
Assembly Operator – Energy Meter (ELEQ7304)
Assembly Operator – Energy Meter  (ELEQ8107)
Assembly Operator-RAC (ELEQ3501)
Assembly Supervisor  (ELEQ6305)
Bare Board Testing Operator  (ELEQ2401)
CCTV Installation Technician (ELEQ4605)
Component Preparation Operator  (ELEQ5202)
Customer Care Executive (ELEQ4603)
DAS Set Top Box Installation & Service Technician (ELEQ8102)
Data Networking and Cable Technician (ELEQ4613)
Digital Cable TV Technician - Access (ELEQ8106)
Draftsman (ELEQ7101)
DTH Set Top Box Installation & Service Technician (ELEQ8101)
Electrical Technician (ELEQ6301)
Embedded Software Engineer (ELEQ1501)
Field Engineer –RACW (ELEQ3105)
Field Technician - AC (ELEQ3102)
Field Technician – Computing and Peripherals (ELEQ4601)
Field Technician – Networking and Storage (ELEQ4606)
Field Technician – Other Home Appliances (ELEQ3104)
Field Technician – Refrigerator  (ELEQ3103)
Field Technician – UPS and Inverter (ELEQ7201)
Final Testing Technician  (ELEQ5402)
In-process and Final Quality Engineer (ELEQ5501)
In-Store Demonstrator (ELEQ3202)
Installation Technician – Computing and Peripherals (ELEQ4609)
IT Coordinator in School (ELEQ4701)
LED Light Design Engineer (ELEQ9101)
LED Light Repair Technician (ELEQ9302
Maintenance Executive (ELEQ2501)
Manual Insertion Operator (ELEQ5305)
Mechanical Assembly Operator (ELEQ9201)
Mechanical Fitter – Control Panel (ELEQ7303)
Mechanical Fitter (ELEQ6302)
Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician (ELEQ8104)
PCB - AOI Machine Operator (ELEQ5401)
Physical Design Engineer (ELEQ1401)
Pick and Place Assembly Operator (ELEQ5102)
Sales Executive (ELEQ5601)
Sales Executive-Consumer Electronics (ELEQ3201)
Security System Installation Technician (ELEQ4611)
Security System Service Engineer (ELEQ4610)
Service Engineer (ELEQ4607)
Smartphone Assembly Technician (ELEQ3901
Solar LED Technician (ELEQ5903)
Solar Panel Installation Technician (ELEQ5901)
Solar PV System Installation Engineer (ELEQ5902)
Stencil Printing Operator (ELEQ5201)
Test and Repair Technician (ELEQ4602)
Through Hole Assembly Operator  (ELEQ5101)
TV Repair Technician (ELEQ3101)
VLSI Design Engineer (ELEQ1201)
Welding Operator (ELEQ0102)
Wireman – Control Panel (ELEQ7302)